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What We Do?

The company produces both cutting-edge and well-known medications, and it is a market leader in both antibiotics and analgesics. Research in respiratory, HIV, oncology, anti-psychotics, immunology-inflammation, dental and rare diseases, and infectious diseases are among the primary areas of focus for our R&D focused pharmaceutical company.

For more than 7 years, we have been a top exporter of medicines, including antibiotics, analgesics, antipsychotics, and anaesthetics. In the recent years, we have expanded our product portfolio by adding a range of new dental products such as Lidocaine Dental carpoules, Articaine, Mepivacaine, Bupivacaine in Dental Glass carpoules, and Lidocaine-flavoured spray for Dental operations.

We also offer a range of cutting-edge pharmaceutical treatments for ailments like cardiovascular problems, neuropathic pain, and skin illnesses.

Additionally, we provide an Established Products Portfolio (EPP) that consists of well-established medications in the fields of allergies, central nervous system, urology, dermatology, and anti-infections. These products play a significant role in helping us emerge in the market and establishing ZYMETH brand as an important differentiating brand.

Our Mission And Strategy

The three strategic targets that the company is centred around achieving are growth, risk reduction, and long-term financial performance enhancement. These are expanding our presence in the global markets as a worldwide brand, producing highly valuable items, and streamlining the business strategy.

  • Provide more valuable products: In order to effectively offer products that deliver significant advancement in therapy for patients and healthcare providers, we have re-organized our market research and development focused company. This is supported by an emphasis on raising R&D productivity and return rates.
  • Make the operating model simpler: We are changing the way we work, as our company keeps evolving in order to increase productivity and streamline processes. This frees up our valuable resources and allow us to make investments on fresh market research and other business investments.
  • Conscientious commercial: Our company places a strong emphasis on conducting business responsibly. How we help customers in attaining the success matters just as much as the results we provide. We pay attention on ensuring that our values permeate our culture and decision-making processes so that we can better live up to the expectations of the soceity.

Our Rich Heritage

At Zymeth, we take great pride in our heritage of ethical leadership. With having around 3% share of pharmaceutical exports of India, our company, Zymeth has become a market leader. We have the right blend of assets, abilities, and values that help us to meet the market requirements with excellence.

Zymeth has more than 155 people, of whom about 55 work as staff or technicians and 100 as labourers or workers. All these experts perform from our headquarters, which is located in India.

Every one of these Zymeth workers performs in sync with each other, carrying a proud legacy of performance and principles.


Zymeth, which today stands among the top healthcare providers was founded in Ahmedabad, India, in 2010.

Our journey in the export market started with lidocaine hydrochloride injections, which were delivered in Guatemala, Central America, and were considered the gold standard in the local anaesthetic category.

Zymeth has consistently supplied numerous consignments of hospital supplies to Malaysia in the past. Zymeth has also completed registration forms for numerous items in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Malaysia, Panama, Peru, Jamaica, & Chile.

Zymeth started exploring the markets of the Middle East and Asia early in 2012 and stabilized a number of its goods there. During these years, our main selling regions turned into Iraq and Syria. Zymeth has also provided numerous consignments to Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

Our company moved to its headquarters in the most prestigious corporate district of the Ahmedabad city in 2015. Further, we started working on the growth of our staff, facilities, and business in Yemen, the only uncharted territory in Middle East Asia. The Zymeth work has been greatly enhanced by the Big Team and Big Work Place.

Many of Zymeth's important products, such as Diclofenac Injections, Benzyl Benzoate Application BP, Tramadol Injections, Betamethasone Injections, and Ceftriaxone Injections, have been established in the interim. Other brands include ArtiDent, Angiwin, Docecan, Lavica-M, Lavica-M Plus, Dentocan, Uribest, Esometh, Newberazole, Rozeflex, Goslim, Vaygah, Amiko, Cetzet, Amloth, Zebatin, Clofaron-O, Ciproquil, Ketocet, Calamine+, NewAge, and Tarcylic, among others.

We at Zymeth are constantly growing our clientele, network of partners, and range of products. We always pay attention to detail and uphold our company ethics.





  • Started the company


  • Got ISO and WHO GMP Certification
  • Set market for our brand in Central America and South East Asia


  • Got CRISIL verification
  • Developed many brands and a huge market in Middle East Asia


  • Registered In South East Asian and Middle East Countries
  • Participated in Global Pharmaceutical Expo CPHI, Mumbai


  • Established a headquarter in topmost corporate area of Ahmedabad City
  • In Peru, we developed market of Anticancer drugs


  • Became OEM manufacturer of a leading Pharmaceutical Company of Syria and Iraq.

Community Partnership

Our company aims to create numerous community investment programs as part of its global mission to enhance the quality of life of people and empower them to do more, feel better, and live longer. This commitment signifies that, as the company expands and builds on its achievements, it will continue to value collaboration and leadership.

Zymeth collaborates with and supports groups whose aims and objectives align with its mission to enhance the quality of human existence through its Community Partnership function.

This collaborative atmosphere will serve as the foundation for Zymeth's CSR operations. The agency will collaborate closely with the neighborhood to maintain and promote development initiatives. The following will be the main focuses of our CSR initiatives in the coming years:

  • To aid in health and education of women and children.
  • To work for illness prevention and HIV/AIDS awareness among affected individuals.
  • To carry out health and disease preventive initiatives for women and children from native communities.
  • To handle projects related to female HIV positives.
  • To work on literacy initiatives for underprivileged children.
  • To provide the basic medicines to those patients whose income is below the poverty line.
  • To install borewells and supply the communities with clean drinking water.


Our company has a regulatory team, which includes highly skilled individuals who are responsible for delivering the data needed in accordance with the regulatory guidelines of the various nations. Our Regulatory Team is able to offer full assistance with product registration.

  • CTD Dossiers
  • ACTD Dossiers
  • Site Master File
  • Pharmacokinetic Studies
  • Drug master Files (DMF)
  • Dossiers as per specific Guideline of all countries
  • Bio-Equivalence Studies with GLP certified clinical centers (BE Study)
  • Electronic Submission of Dossiers with all supporting documents

With support of our regulatory team, we also provide Free Sale Certificates, Kosher Certificates, TSE-BSE Certificates, Certificates of Origin, Halal Certificates, and Certificates of Pharmaceutical Product (according to WHO).

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